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I was in the meeting last week when we decided we would be the first public school in our county to close due to COVID-19. My immediate thought was, what about those students who come to school to eat? I immediately contacted Tess Arthur to help figure out what we were going to do for these students. A few years ago I co-created This Club Saves Lives and last year we turned the club into a nonprofit. We are so lucky to have that nonprofit status so that we could immediately solicit cash donations and food donations to help these families immediately. In one week we have done two deliveries to families in need in our community. Every day the needs change. Currently we plan on doing a weekly delivery to these outlying communities. In the Big Sur area, many employees have been laid off for two months. They are in need of food and we will bring it to them for as long as we need to. So far we’ve had very generous community support. I know not every community in our county is as lucky. Thank you so much to our generous community and the outstanding support we’ve received from local businesses and the Carmel Unified School District.


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  1. I need to know if you are getting enough funding to supply some items for the residents of Rippling River, an 80 unit housing area for those with low income. About 1/3 have health handicaps. None should be out shopping. If not, please advise….we will work out here to help….they are just past the Village on the way to Cachagua, and there is a couple willing to go door to door and distribute food and supplies.


    • I know we are planning on being out on Thursday with boxes for the residents there. Tess has been working on getting enough boxes out to them.


    • Thank you so much to all of your that put your time , and love to help others who are leas fortune.
      I would be happy to help .
      Please send me the link were a can donate,.
      Hugs with a lot of admiration and respect !


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