WE Day X – Carmel High School

Carmel High School hosted the first WE Day X – Carmel High School in March. Schools from around Monterey County, including CMS, PGMS, Monterey HS, Santa Cruz HS, and Mount Madonna, attended a day of speakers, inspiration, and action planning. The attendees were treated to performances from the CHS Singers/Songwriters, presentations from CHS graduates Clementine Chamberlain and Connor Cohan, and speakers from the WE organization. Connor Cohan organizes a yearly fundraiser called Eat To Defeat ALS, and Clementine is the creator of Tampon Tuesday, an initiative to educate and prevent period poverty. The attendees also learned about the importance of the census and how to get involved to make sure everyone gets counted this year. The day continued with workshops and action planning with WE facilitators as well as our own district staff leading workshops on the environment, technology, social justice, athletic leadership, and more. The event was sponsored by This Club Saves Lives and was supported by the Carmel High School and CMS leadership classes, link leaders, service clubs, and the CHS athletic council.

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