Crayon Collecting

This Club Saves Lives at Carmel High School is working with an organization called Crayon Collection in the efforts to collect new, used, or even broken crayons to donate to underfunded schools in our county.  One of our club activities will be melting the broken crayons and turning them into new ones to donate to the schools. This project is not only saving the environment by recycling crayons, it is also a simple and impactful way to provide children with a chance to express their creative sides.

Our club–along with many children in the community–would be extremely grateful for your donation. So, if you have any crayons at home or in your classroom that you are willing to part with, please email me back (or Leigh Cambra) and our club will come pick them up. Thank you so much for your commitment to spreading the love for education around our community.


Coral Barrett
President of This Club Saves Lives

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