This Club Saves Lives is working with YWCA in the renovation and creation of a Human Trafficking Resource Center in Salinas, California. This center will offer counseling, child care, and other basic necessities. Along with this, this center will provide both creative classes–such as dance and art– and classes which help victims finish an education and get a job.

“Their howling stomachs must be given more than a meal and a gallon of water; we must drench them with hope,” says club president, Coral Barrett, who planned this event and has been working alongside YWCA regarding domestic violence and human trafficking victims.

This Club Saves Lives has spent one entire weekend painting the safe house interior. They plan to go back next weekend to finish the renovation, even adding a hall of fame by painting a mural of women leaders. By working on this local project, many students have realized the unfortunate prevalence of this issue and plan to combat it with in the club by encouraging teachers and students to donate to the resource center.

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