Big Sur

In February a bridge in Big Sur collapsed, stranding families on the south side and limiting their ability to drive to town or even work. In an effort to provide any assistance to CUSD families living on the south side, a group of students led by Chantal Gonzalez and Caroline Mierzwa worked on getting donations and finding out what supplies the families needed. We figured out the best thing to do was buy the supplies and hike them UP the newly created trail. We ended up taking seven trips over 7 months until the bridge was replaced and opened in October. These trips allowed students and staff not living in Big Sur to get a glimpse of Big Sur life while also helping out the families. Thank you to everyone who donated, shopped, and hiked. We had many return trippers because once you did the trip once you wanted to go again.

April 20, May 4, May 16, May 30, June 27, August 29, and September 26, 2017





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