Tampon Tuesday

Menstrual products are the most needed and least donated items in homeless and women’s shelters. Students can donate extra tampons and pads in classrooms on campus or you can purchase from our Amazon wishlist. We will be making a monthly donation to local shelters with our collection.

Amazon wishlist: http://a.co/i4N9ANU

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Describe the impact: Awareness. It is amazing how much awareness this has brought to Carmel High School, the community, and those connected online. We had no idea there were already so many organizations focused on collecting menstrual projects. They have given us inspiration and ideas but we have also used social media to share this issue with others. We talk to everyone about the need for menstrual products. We want to break the stigma that there should be shame about getting your period. Having the boxes in classrooms has become a conversation starter and created a safe place for these conversations.

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