To our beloved community,
In the wake of our world’s current affairs, there is a team that is mobilizing to respond to this crisis. We are making plans to receive, box, and deliver non-perishable food items and other household essentials to our families and community members in need, especially in our outlying populations.
If you would like to help, please refer to the Amazon wishlist to respond to this crisis, so we can start stockpiling items for immediate disbursement this Monday morning. You can order directly from Amazon, or purchase similar items locally, which will be automatically delivered to one of our team members. In addition, we will be receiving non-perishable food items at the Carmel Middle School gym between 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. daily, starting Saturday. If those times do not work for you, you can also drop off donations at the Crossroads Starbucks, which we will make arrangements to pick up.
If you are hesitant to donate items in person, you can also donate money to This Club Saves Lives, a non-profit club at Carmel High School. This situation is extremely fluid, but right now we are distributing items on Mondays and Thursdays, around 11:30 a.m., to Post Ranch employee housing units, Big Sur River Inn, and Cachagua Children’s Center parking lot.
If you have specific needs, i.e. diapers, baby food, menstrual supplies, please contact Tess Arthur at 831-596-5170 or If you prefer to speak in Spanish, contact Alondra Valdez at 831-277-1294 or
Thank you for your love and coming together in times of need, it takes a village.

Carmel High School hosted the first WE Day X – Carmel High School in March. Schools from around Monterey County, including CMS, PGMS, Monterey HS, Santa Cruz HS, and Mount Madonna, attended a day of speakers, inspiration, and action planning. The attendees were treated to performances from the CHS Singers/Songwriters, presentations from CHS graduates Clementine Chamberlain and Connor Cohan, and speakers from the WE organization. Connor Cohan organizes a yearly fundraiser called Eat To Defeat ALS, and Clementine is the creator of Tampon Tuesday, an initiative to educate and prevent period poverty. The attendees also learned about the importance of the census and how to get involved to make sure everyone gets counted this year. The day continued with workshops and action planning with WE facilitators as well as our own district staff leading workshops on the environment, technology, social justice, athletic leadership, and more. The event was sponsored by This Club Saves Lives and was supported by the Carmel High School and CMS leadership classes, link leaders, service clubs, and the CHS athletic council.

We are applying for a grant to help fund professionally made tampon collection boxes. Please check out the video we made today!