Menstrual products are the most needed and least donated items in homeless and women’s shelters. Students can donate extra tampons and pads in classrooms on campus or you can purchase from our Amazon wishlist. We will be making a monthly donation to local shelters with our collection.

Amazon wishlist:



Baby2Baby 2 The Rescue Bundles 

Baby2Baby provides rescue bundles to children going into foster care who may have left home with nothing. Our goal is to make 50 bundles when we go to Los Angeles in April. Each bundle includes new:

  • shirts
  • pants
  • pajamas
  • blankets
  • hygiene products
  • towels
  • books
  • comfort toys

Please help us my buying something from our Amazon wish list: Foster Care Bundles


The #7 plastic ocean polluter are plastic bags. Did you know the Monterey Regional Waste Management District no longer accepts plastic bags for recycling?

Communities for Sustainable Monterey County will be at local farmers markets educating the communities and offering reusable fabric bags for their veggies.

This Club Saves Lives has been decorating the farmers market bags to brighten up the shopping experience.

Congratulations to club member Serena Valdez Klemek for winning the first CUSD Students Who Excel Award. Serena has done over 2,000 hours of community service, leads a leadership camp during the summer, and helped organize the club school supply drive. IMG_1404